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Initializing MongoDB as a Service on Windows (with Replicas)

The purpose of this post is to document the required steps for setting up MongoDB as a Windows Service including Replicas. Replicas are required for transaction management in MongoDB. Here is the configuration file for the PRIMARY instance of MongoDB. # mongod.conf # data directory dbpath=C:\Program Files\MongoDB\data\db # log file logpath=C:\Program Files\MongoDB\log\mongo.log logappend=true #port number …

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Check User Footprint on your SharePoint 2013 On-Premise Farm

I have encountered a few instances where a user has asked me to mimic his permissions corresponding to another user. In such scenarios it is really difficult to check the user’s footprint on all site collections in the farm. I have written a script that is placed here: TechNet Download. This script checks any user’s …

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Generate list item count report in SharePoint using PowerShell

This post has less to do with how to obtain this information from SharePoint and is more about making use of the native capabilities of PowerShell coupled with the SharePoint specific PowerShell cmdlets to make the resulting PowerShell code more configurable and pleasing to the eye. Pipelines are very effective in enumerating, sorting and filtering collections and hence serve as the perfect …

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